10 Best Non-Toxic Rugs for the Chemically Sensitive

Non-Toxic Eco Rugs: The Top Natural and Organic Options

There are only a few companies who have gone the extra mile to fully disclose what is in their rugs. These are the top companies making green healthy rugs safe for the chemically sensitive.

The most sensitive should use rugs that have not been treated with detergents, or dyes (even eco dyes), and should confirm no moth treatments which is a pesticide, usually permethrin (on wool), or other treatments such as stain guard treatments.

For the less sensitive, eco or vegetable dyes might work. Wool won't contain flame retardants.

1. Earth Weave (Wool)

Earth Weave - Earth Weave rugs are made out of wool, with no moth proofing and no other chemical treatments to the rugs.

Dyes are organic. The rugs do contain natural latex. Custom sizes are possible.

You can order them through Green Design Center.

A 4 x 6 rug is $418

2. DMI (Seagrass)

DMI - Makes rugs out of their carpet material. These are seagrass rugs with no dyes, insecticide or chemical treatments. They do contain natural latex in the backing.

They also make wool rugs.

Contact Green Design Center to choose the custom size.

3. Novica (Wool)

Novica  - Has a number of Mexican Zapotec 100% wool rugs dyes with natural dyes, they do not contain any other treatment, they claim, such as mothproofing, stain resistant coatings and natural latex.

A 4 x 6 wool rug is about $390.

4. Loloi Rugs (Wool/Mixed)

Urban Natural - Carries Loloi rugs that are 100% wool, and wool/jute. They use vegetable dyes and no adhesives.

You can buy samples of the Loloi rugs from Urban Natural.

A 4 x 6 rug is about $220.

5. Hook and Loom (Wool or Cotton)

Hook and Loom - One of my top choices for rugs because of how forthcoming they are, and the fact that they used untreated wool. The wool rugs are made from undyed natural wool, no detergents, no pesticides, no flame retardants and no latex.

A 4 x 6 wool rug is around $245.

They also have cotton rugs which are made from recycled cotton, and have some polyester and other materials. 4 x 6 is around $90.

6. Organic Weave (Wool & Cotton)

Organic Weave -  Another great pick - these are the only GOTS certified organic rugs I have seen. Their rugs are made from wool and cotton, and dyed with all natural dyes.

They claim no chemicals in the cleaning of the raw material and the dyeing of the yarn or the final cleaning of the rugs. No synthetic moth treatments or chemical flame retardants. The wool rugs do have latex. They deliver to Canada and the US without import duties.

A 5 x 8 rug is around $2400

7. Lorena Canals (Cotton)

Lorena Canals - What I like about these rugs is that they are washable. That might suite some people more than the other options. 97% cotton with "eco dyes".

A 4 x 5 rug is $230.

8. Cali Bamboo (Bamboo, Cotton, Jute, Bamboo, Wool)

Cali Bamboo - Carries some rugs that are undyed, unbleached but I did not hear back from them with the full specs (mothproofing etc.).

They carry a number of lines: rugs are made of various materials from wool mixes, jute, bamboo, PET (plastic), nylon, and cotton. Rugs made out of denim scraps usually retain the chemical fabric treatment of the blue jeans or might be recycled.

Bamboo rug pictured is $135 for 4 x 6.

9. Dana Haim (Wood & Cotton)

Dana Haim - Uses natural dyes but I did not hear back any other details when I asked. The wool and cotton rugs are handmade in Mexico.

10. Libeco (Linen) 

Libeco - Libeco is a company that makes linen in Europe. All of their linen is either organic or usually grown without pesticides (only in the odd occasion). It is all Oeko Tex 100 which certifies no chemical additives to the rug. 

When the linen is in its natural colour it does not have dyes. Technically they are dry clean only, but you can hand wash them and dry them flat on hung in a way that they won't wrinkle.

A 4 x 6 rug is $415.

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