Non-Toxic Furniture and Couches

Non-Toxic Furniture and Couches

We will take a look at some non-toxic options for sofas, tables, chairs, desks and other household furnishings. Many of the same stores that offer sofas also offer a wide range of other home furnishings. For mattresses and bedframes see my post on mattresses and bedding

Non-Toxic Sofas and Couches

For upholstered furniture you want to look for:

-Natural cushion fill such as natural latex, cotton, down and wool (See my warning about natural latex here. The concerns may be more related to beds because of the moisture that we expel at night, but I can't say for sure)

-No chemical treatments on the fabric (such as stain and water resistant coatings)
-Solid woods 
-Zero or low-VOC glues, stains and varnishes
-No flame retardants 

If you want a simple bench see my custom made sofa here
Urban Natural: Start at $1700

Their most natural line features 100% natural latex cushions, organic wool, organic cotton, and natural fabrics. No flame retardants.
Elka Home: Start at $2000

They use natural latex, solid woods, organic GOTS fabrics with no added chemicals, zero-VOC adhesives, no flame retardants.

Viesso: Start at $2000

Natural latex and wood used, natural fabrics with no added chemicals, hardwoods, low-VOC adhesives. No flame retardants.

Urbangreenfurniture: Start at $2500

They carry Cisco's sofas made with the Inside Green option which uses natural latex or wool, certified woods, organic fabrics, low-VOC stains, no flame retardants.

Cisco Brothers: Start at $2500

Have locations throughout the US and Canada. Any of their sofas can be made with the inside green option. You can also order online from some of the sellers.

EcoBalanza: Average price $5700

These hand made, customised sofas are made to last many generations. They use wool, organic cotton, and natural latex with no flame retardants. They use GOTS certified fabrics. The use non-toxic glues and Rubio MonoCoat stains. They can use a different finish if the customer is sensitive to linseed. They can also accommodate a latex allergy by replacing latex with their other materials.

Two other options from mainstream stores, are a little less eco:

Pottery Barn Eco Sofa - What I like about this sofa is it doesn't have natural latex. You choose between polyester and down. Down is safer unless you are allergic to it. They don't contain flame retardants and they have organic cotton covers. What's inside may still bother sensitive people such as glues. A couple things to confirm with them are that all the wood is solid wood. Prices range depending on options $2000-$3000.

Non-Toxic Tables and Chairs: 
Urban Natural

For chairs and tables look for solid wood (with zero-VOC stains and varnishes) and zero or low-VOC adhesives. For some people the terpenes in wood might not be tolerable. Low odour woods are preferable to pine, cedar and douglas fir. Avoid laminated wood, plywood and MDF board.

Many of the same companies above offer green furniture. For example:

Urban Natural use either natural oils and beeswax finish or a zero-VOC water-based catalysed varnish finish. The glues vary by manufacturer. One brand uses a Cradle-to-Cradle certified (toxicity level yellow) glue. 

UrbangreenfurnitureTheir wood furniture is treated with low-VOC stains. They use non-toxic, low-VOC glues.

Viesso - Uses low-VOC or linseed oil finishes. (Linseed oil has an odour that might not be tolerable to some). Low-VOC glues.

Vintage or reclaimed wooden furniture might be tolerable for some if you are sure it hasn't been refinished recently with conventional products, and it has not been exposed to chemical cleaning products, smoke, mould, or other chemical substances.

Here are a few ideas for alternatives to wooden tables and chairs:

Glass and metal are generally the safest options. Metal may need to be washed down in order to remove factory oils; powder coated metal is the best option, but all metal finishes become inert quite quickly. Hard plastics are fairly safe and are tolerable for most people. With marble tables keep in mind that a resin is used to fill in the fissures and a sealer is often used as well. There is no data on the VOC levels of those sealants.

Click on pics for links:

You might also want to consider furniture made of rattan and seagrass. I have seen seagrass and rattan chairs and ottomans. 

Non-Toxic Desks

Urban Green
Here are a few ideas for desks:

Solid wood desk (pictured) with a low-VOC finish from Urban Green. Solid wood desks from speciality stores tend to be pricey.

Here are some simple (and affordable) options: 

Solid wood, unfinished - Standard glue, but very little used. 

Metal and Glass, there are a few different styles of metal and glass desks on Amazon that are affordable. Look for powder coated metal. 


  1. Hi - Nice article. It may also be worth noting that the wood finish makes a big difference in emissions. Ask for zero or low VOC wood finishes (many wood finishes can emit formaldehyde, even though solid wood is used). Polyurethane foam is usually OK, if you ensure it is flame retardant free. Also ask for non PFC coated textiles and textiles without antimony (which is a catalyst used in polyester textile).

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    1. Both are chrome so yes would consider both to be non-toxic. Wash metal with soap and water for those extremely sensitive.

  3. You should check out EcoBalanza as a green Sofa maker too!!! My friend just bought beautiful custom stuff from them, and I'm researching but they're not on your list!

    1. Thanks for the tip. How much did she pay for hers?

  4. What is the name of the cream 5-pillow sofa above the
    Great article and thank you!