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Healthy Home Consult 

I am a certified Building Biologist available for consulting for those wishing to build, renovate or redecorate a non-toxic home.

I have five years experience working with people with sensitivities including the extremely sensitive. I also work with healthy folks who wish to prevent health problems.

My main expertise lies in materials available in the US and Canada, but I have clients in Europe, Australia, Africa and Latin America.

Areas I can assist you with:

A New Build or Remodel

We will go over your specific sensitivities, needs, and level of toxin avoidance, and you will come away with a list of products to use in your build or renovation. This may involve self testing materials for your own reactions. If you don't have reactions (or obvious reactions), I will use your level of toxin avoidance to recommend products.

You will come away with pros and cons of materials you might have read about. I will take into consideration the system as a whole, so that your moisture management system is intact and point out areas that are mold prone. If it's a new build, you will come away knowing the typical steps to choose an architect, builder, materials and job site supervisor. I can work with your team from start to finish if you need. 

I help healthy folks and sensitive folks who range from those with mild allergies to those with extreme chemical sensitivities. I'm not just analyzing the SDS and what the manufacturer is telling us about what's in it, I'm also using industry knowledge to suggest what additives are typically used and undisclosed. And I use my experience and that of thousands of chemically sensitive folks to choose the safest products. 

Trouble Shooting and Remediating Chemical Offgassing 

If you have an odour or chemical offgassing we will trouble shoot the cause and what can be done about it. You will come away with strategies to then implement. These might be removing materials, sealing, cleaning with special cleaners, using ozone, choosing the right air purifier, putting in air exchange, using positive pressure and "baking" a house.

If we are having trouble figuring out the source, I will recommend a number of low tech and high tech ways to figure it out. 

Healthy Home Audit 

You will come away knowing how to make your current dwelling a healthier home. We might look at one room like a bedroom top to bottom and how to make it a healthier healing space, or we might look at how to find someone to test for VOCs, radon, and mold.

Topics include which materials should be removed and replaced, helping to select the best air purifier for your needs, choosing water filtration systems, choosing furniture, beds and other household items. You can also send me specific household items to review. 

This can be done in person in the south Vancouver Island and Victoria, BC area. Please contact me on this topic for more details on in-home inspections as they are a unique experience. I use my nose and reactions as well as knowledge about problematic building materials to asses problem areas in your home, or to help you find a new healthier home to buy or rent.  

Buying, Building or Renovating an RV, Trailer, Camper or THOW

If you want to buy, build or renovate anything on wheels, we will look at which ones are best for your chemical sensitivities and which ones are more mold resistant.

If you are buying, you will come away with pros and cons of different brands as well as different strategies (buy one that holds up and let it offgas - or buy one and trade it in when it goes moldy). 

If you are building or gutting a trailer, we will look at typical problem areas that done wrong and are prone to mold and I will refer you to a building science expert if there is something I can see will likely go moldy.

You will also come away with which low offgassing materials will be best to use. If building a tiny home on wheels I can walk you through the process of finding an architect, builder, choosing materials and supervising. 

Camping and Simple Shelters

Whether you need to camp out of necessity or purposefully in order to unmask and bring down sensitivities we will get your camping set up together.

You will come away with the confidence to camp even with severe sensitivities and limitations. You will know which types of tent material to consider as well as what other gear you need. If you cannot tolerate any ready-made tents we will look at custom making a tent or shelter out of almost any material you can think of - hemp, cotton, non-offgassing plastics (both hard plastic and flexible rolls), metal, foam, and wood. 

Mold Avoidance Consulting 

For a detailed overview of what I offer with mold avoidance coaching, see this post dedicated to that topic.

Booking and Contact:

Consultations can be done via phone or email. The rate is $80 USD per hour. There is a 30-minute minimum for phone consultations. The rate for weekends, evenings and (US) holidays is $90 USD.
Due to the complex and unique nature of the research behind my work, I am unable to offer complimentary advice via email. You can purchase an email consultation starting at $20 (15 min).

Once you have booked the consult through the links below, email me at corinnesegura[at] to book a phone consult time, or to begin the email consult. I will respond to the email within 24 hours.

Baubiologie en Español: Se puede hacer consultas de bioconstrucción escritas y revisar productos en español.

Purchase a 15 minute email consult
Purchase a 30 minute phone or email consult
Purchase a 1 hour phone consult

Topics I don't cover: 

- Remediation of mold, pesticides, lead and asbestos (consult with specialists in those fields)
- Pest control choices (consult with non-toxic pest control specialist)
- Mechanical systems: central HVAC, electrical system concerns, water heaters (consult with experts in the required mechanical field)
- Building science advice (should be provided by an architect, engineer or other building science expert)
- How long does a toxic product take to offgas. Unless it's a simple chemical that has been studied, it's not likely someone has the answer to this.
- EMFs


Corinne was an indispensable resource in designing, sourcing and building my chemical-free, mold-free tiny home. She saved me and my family so much worry over whether we were making the right decisions or not. This allowed us to focus on how to build a really beautiful safe home for me, rather than on our fears of what could potentially go wrong. We can't imagine having gone through this rather complex, mysterious and foreign project without her ever-ready advice and counsel. We are so grateful that she was put into our lives! Belle T

Building a new house is very overwhelming but building a non-toxic house is “crazy” for most people, especially for contractors. Corinne is not only knowledgeable and professional but very calming and comforting. She took each of my questions very seriously and answered them quickly. Corinne always calmed me down and offered me support, options and solutions to all my concerns.
I highly recommend Corinne for any project. I worked with her for almost 2 years during the process of building my new 7500sq feet home, and I still consult with her for furniture, carpets etc. Her fees are extremely reasonable. She is very honest, her hours are always the true reflection of her work. Honestly, I do not know what I would have done without her. Paula A

Corinne is a complete asset to any non-toxic, environmentally conscious, healthy project. She is dedicated, knowledgeable, serious, and passionate. Her training in Building Biology makes her a very qualified member of any building team. She performs very thorough research. Even if you are dealing with extreme sensitivities, she is creative and unstoppable. I would highly recommend her services.   Anne M (Built a tiny house on wheels)

I just wanted to say thank you for your help through this process. Losing our home in a fire was very difficult, but the rebuild went very well and we absolutely LOVE our new and improved space. We have lived here two weeks now and I am glad to say I rarely notice any sort of off gassing smell or anything that gives me the slightest headache. I am so glad that we were able to choose safe materials for the long-term benefit of our family.
Callie S

I have worked with many building biologists and other indoor environmental consultants, and have done project management work for venture capitalist clients with carte blanche license to personally select teams of building biologists from anywhere in the New World. I can recommend Corinne Segura as a building biology practitioner with high endorsement – both as regards general consulting on building construction or renovation for those with chemical and environmental sensitivities, and particularly and especially as regards the selection, overhauling, or custom construction of trailers, campers, and RVs for those needing non-toxic living environments and also mobility. Her knowledge of both safe materials selection and application as well as mold avoidance strategies can only be qualified as indispensable. Cory B

Corinne is incredibly knowledgeable, resourceful, practical and accommodating. During our New York City apartment renovation she provided valuable expertise and guidance to ensure that all products used by our contractors were non-toxic and safe. Whenever we had a question she answered promptly and thoroughly, with as much detail as we requested. Over the course of many months Corinne consistently went above and beyond to provide outstanding service, even calling companies to ensure the validity of their claims. I highly recommend her services.
Dr. Ann Cohen


scrollfinger said...


Love your blog. Great job on your house! Not sure which color is accurate but the floor looks perfect in the first one.

Reclaim materials whether inner city, or rural are a source of great looking, non-toxic, and most times free materials like wood and brick.

I think vitamin E helps eliminate allergies. I'm taking it for a tree allergy. I get indoor allergies, too. Dust is the worse for me; and I hate vacuuming so I want a small house.

Calbensoap (.com) is great. I use a gallon per year ($22) for kitchen (washing produce) and bath (body/shampoo). I went out of town for a while, and about thirty ants had crawled into the soap dispenser. It's so natural that they wanted to eat it!

Thanks for making a blog on your house project. Cheers from Florida.


Christina E said...

Hello! I am currently in the market for a new home at the beach, and have come across endless issues with the cabinet material and paint used in the homes. There is one house I am currently looking at, but before making a decision I need to understand the VOC details and how long the smell may take to dissipate. Are you able to help me learn more about the questions below?

- Cabinets are Showplace Cabinetry, need to know the amount of VOC's emitted by urethane

- Paint is Speedhide pro EV interior flat (code 12-1 10). Need to know how long it takes for this paint to off gas VOC's

- Cabinet doors are made with an oven baked topcoat of catalyzed varnish, need to know how long it takes urethane and a catalyzed varnish to off gas the VOC's.

Thank you!


Corinne said...

urethane offgasses quickly. Paint varies I don't know the timeframe for that one and everyone has a difference level of how long they think it takes. You could ask the question to one of the MCS groups on Fb and see what people's general responses are. It's the cabinets themselves that will take the longest to offgass if they are made from particle board.

Mark Rowell said...

might want to consider using wax or oil for preserving the wood. LInseed oil maybe, and also floor wax. Can't remember the names at the moment.

Be higher maintanence, but would be an option.

Jeff Anderson said...


Love your blog, envy you your life!

I'm trying to make the move to a chemical free tiny house on some family land in Sechelt, I'm just not sure of the laws concerning living in a tiny house there. Do you know anything about that?


Corinne said...

Check the zoning on that land, do they allow mobile homes and second dwellings? Ask the people around there, if they don't allow mobile homes, does anyone check? On Saltpsring for example the authorities check with google earth. Can it pass as a trailer trailer that's just parked?

Kris Kuip said...

did you ever sell your travel trailer?

Corinne said...

Hi, I'm keeping the travel trailer for my use

ruby said...

Hi, We have a refitted fiberglass casita with a shower/toilet stall. We recently had a leak and are removing the double layer of reflectix insulation we had taped directly on the fiberglass walls and ceiling and under the aluminum tread floor. We want to avoid condensation as much as possible. Do you have any suggestions? Do you have another suggestion for insulation, or if we should again apply it to the floor and behind the bathroom module? Or just on the walls and ceiling? Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Corinne said...


ed latson said...

Corrine---I think it's time for the first book in your series on clean and healthy building...

Corinne said...

Thanks Ed

Missy May said...

Hello, Could you please post your email? I'd love to contact you about your experience with various insulation but my computer is funky with outlook. Thanks so much I'd appreciate it.

Corinne said...

Hi, it is

jimjiminyjim said...

Hi. Just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your experiences - so immensely helpful and deeply appreciated. In addition to what you have posted about, I thought I would share that I'm using metal siding and roofing on my little (stationary) 12' x 12' cabin, and p2000 insulation. The metal I know will be ok, the p2000 isn't perfect smell-wise, but I think it will be ok. I will find out. I'm going to install it temporarily, without putting anything else on the walls, so if it is a problem, I will know pretty quickly.

Corinne said...

Yeah that is not a bad insulation. I ended up using ridged foam myself.

Unknown said...

I bought the recommended grout listedon your site under bathroom remodel and there is a tiny sentence saying "Warning: This product contains one or more chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer.

Is that not a concern?


Corinne said...

Thanks for the question, I have emailed you. This is due to the silica dust which is in sanded grouts. It is only a problem if you inhale the dust. Once it is wet and when it is set it is not a problem. Silica is the same material glass is made of so it is extremely safe once it is not in dust form. Take extreme care with a gas mask when handling the powder. I will add that to the post on grout.

Tory Field said...

Hi Corinne,
Thanks so much for all the info!
Currently building a tiny house on a trailer and I have a few questions...
Do you know of any MgO suppliers in the Northeast?
What did you use for roof underlayment? "Water and Ice" tar paper? Anything less toxic?
And how about for house wrap?
Happy to pay for a little consulting time, if these are questions you might have thoughts on. Thank you!!

Corinne said...

Hi, Shoot me an email at and we can go over it!

Unknown said...

I noticed that the one link you have to non-toxic housing is broken on your site as well as many others. Is there a way to let people know about a house we are selling that we built from the ground up with MCS and EMS in mind? My husband has recovered and we are selling that house in New Mexico. My email is

Corinne said...

Hi Christy and Dammen, I saw your post on some of the Facebook groups and I think that is a good idea for where to post it. I don't tend to post places for sale but I do have it in mind in case I meet anyone that wants to buy.

Laura said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Corinne said...

Hi Laura, I appreciate that you want to let people know that Castile Flooring in Texas has really been negligent and completely devastated your health. Please post this on flooring forums and possibly start a blog to post this on. I don't think my consulting page is the best place for this because I think people might construe this as my consulting lead you to this company, or that I was involved in this process. Thanks, Corinne

Corinne said...

Also Google reviews and Better Business Bureau would be good. But something searchable I agree would be good.

Gabriele Lacrampe said...

I'm researching 'safe' environments for moldies right now (=severe reactors). If we would build a safe, tiny home and a severe reactor would use it and detox while living in it, how would we decontaminate this home to ensure it's safe for the next severe reactor when moving in? If you don't know, do you know an expert who could answer this question? Thanks in advance.

Corinne said...

Anyone coming there would have to come without any of their belongings. Then the only way they could contaminate the space is through their sweat. So you may need to replace the sleeping mat for each person. If it's a metal house you can also ozone it. But fabric doesn't do well with ozone so likely all bedding and cushions should be replaced.

Dan Cagua-Koo said...

corinne, this is dr. dan, can i get the architectural design for the tiny home?

Dan Cagua-Koo said...

The metal tiny home. I've been looking into the Volstrukt, as well as using SIPS (metal, EPS, Metal) and using a copper mesh in the interior to minimize the internal EMF amplification. All metal tiny homes are pretty bad with EMF, unless you do these EMF modifications,. . . what did you do for the metal home to reduce the internal EMF amplication? Dr. Dan

Corinne said...

Hi Dr Dan, I used the Leaf House plans but if you look at their model you will see how much I rearranged. Their plans were very good in that they have a lot of detail and were much more than just a floor plan. The parts that stayed the same were the size including the roof pitch, the landing and loft, and two of the windows. I have not actually drawn up plans for this one. We just did it as we went along. Perhaps I can make some measurement for you if you are wanting my layout. Let me know which measurements you would like (no one has asked for this yet!)

Corinne said...

In terms of minimizing the internal amplification, I'm not sure what can be done. Most of my clients do well with metal once they are totally out of mould, but I'm sure that is not everyone (so I like people to test out a metal home first). I'm not an expert on EMFs, but I believe a copper mesh is also a EMF shield which would also contribute to the Faraday Cage effect just like the metal walls would.

mv home-dreamer said...

hello out there!! i am needing to hire a consultant to work with me on building a new house from the bottom up - i'm on martha's vineyard at 617-721-7479. thanks so much; time is of the essence! best, linda

Corinne said...

Hi Linda, Please email me to set up a consultation. I don't always catch all the comments on this blog as most are ads. Thanks, Corinne

Kathleen Johnson said...

May I subscribe to your blog? Do you have a newsletter that I can sign up for?

Thank you!

Corinne said...

You can subscribe with the little RSS all posts button on the side. Thanks!

neisnic said...

Thanks for all the valuable information and setting the record straight on a lot of marketing schemes by these companies posing as environmentally safe.

Came across this new company Air Doctor and their air purifier. What are your thoughts?

Kate H. said...

Hi Great website.
I would like to book a $15 email consult. We want to build a Tiny House for a 17 year old with severe MAST as well as mold sensitivity. The question: Do you have a suggestion for an insulation product to be used between to steel walls, ie: the exterior and interior walls will both be metal. Our dilemma is that in addition to low VOC, she cannot tolerate anything that has a scent/smell. We came up with the idea of using blown in shredded plain packing paper (like from U Haul). Thank you! How do i remit payment?

Corinne said...

Hi Kate, please shoot me an email over to or leave your email here and I will get back to you. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Hi what a great website. I am considering buying a home and will have to remove 2000 sq feet of carpet. I am so chemically sensitive that I have been unable to find somewhere to live. I would like to book a consult via email please. Thank you.

Corinne said...

Thank you. Give me a shout at

Unknown said...

hi Corinne, great job there. keep it up

Corinne said...

Thank you!

Caroline McDaniel said...

Corrine, What are your thoughts on AFM safecoat regular paint v the AFM naturals like of oil paint? Need to order paint for my entire new build ASAP and would LOVE your opinion!!!

Unknown said...

Same issue, buying a safer home that is not yet insulated in attic. Builder allowing me to choose insulation. Sensitive to all smells and chemicals. Chemical injury, candida, mold exposure.

Livvygurl said...

Hi Corinne,

This cabinetry was installed in my condo, please let me know what you think of this info. It sounds impressive but is it safe?

Olivia ~

The particle board is made specifically for Huntwood at a mill in Montana. They use only non-urea added formaldehyde plywood and particleboard. It meets EPA TSCA Title VI (40 CFR 770), ANS( A208.2 and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Airbourne Toxic Control Measures (ATCM) 93120 which are some of the strictest emissions standards in the nation. They also utilize an award winning finishing system that dramatically reduces off gassing normally associated with new cabinetry. The process won the SCAPCA Clean Air for its ultra-low VOC emissions.

Unknown said...

Hello, How do you test porcelain tile for lead and radioactivity? Thanks!

ECO Building Resource said...

Hi Corinne, Its been a while and just notice you have updated the site. As always GREAT work. I see a lot of inquiries of WHERE can we get these products ? Well not being the challenge of dealing with MCS/EI and others Operating a NON-Toxic Building Supply is a massive challenge. Our goal is to be a source for the SAFE materials required for building and renovating in CANADA. We are driven by the needs of your clients. I understand if you wish to take down our Noticication;
In Canada ECO Building Resource Specializes in SAFE, Non-Toxic build products. Thank you
Kevin R. ECO Building Resource

Corinne said...

This post is current, as long as this post is up I am available for consults!

Anne said...

Invaluable information! Thank you

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
catherinehc said...

How can I evaluate VOC levels? When a company says their product emits a certain amount, what do I compare that to? I'm extremely sensitive; what is the experience of people like me?

ManagingSensitivities said...

Hello! Are you familiar with the EXPED Mega Mat? The one that is around 4 inches thick and sells for around $199.00 at REI. It is a Swiss mat. I have emailed them wondering if it contains any flame retardant or other chemicals but have not heard back from them. The reviews claim it is very comfortable. Thanks

tan said...

Hi Corinne! I'm wondering what the current take is amongst enviro health folks about using ozone machines for killing mold and mycotoxins. I know CA doesn't allow their sale but I used one years ago and found that it worked great -- I just took humans and animals out of the house until it had aired out for a few hours after running it. I did see your GREAT post on machines -- saw that you would use the Vornado -- don't know if that's still your choice -- Of course the Hi-Tech aficianados continue to proclaim loudly, but it's hard to trust a company whose owner is so flakey. I'm also looking at Dr Mercola's machine -- would love to hear what you yourself currently rep, if anything. Best to you!

Corinne Segura said...

That was the post on PCO, if you want to see just ozone here is the post on that

Chris said...

Hi Corinne!
Quick Q: apparently USG sheetrock is nowhere to be found in the SF Bay Area. What do you think about the Nat Gyp "Gold bond lite" line? It's Greenguard certified. I thought I would avoid the "XP with Sporguard" and the "Fire Shield". Thank you!

Corinne Segura said...

I have a new post just devoted to drywall!

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