Sneak Peak and Q&A

I made a short video tour of my tiny house and will follow with some Q&As below!


What are the dimensions

The whole trailer is 20 x 8, the washroom is 30 inches x 8 feet and the kitchen is 7 feet long. Therefore, the living room is around 10 x 8 feet.

What kind of wood is that and what are the walls made of

Poplar is the wood used throughout. The walls are MgO board with clay plaster.

What aspects are you happy about

I'm really happy with the design and layout - it definitely serves my needs. I am exceedingly happy with the window alongside the bed. Since I am disabled I spend a lot of time lying in bed but now I can watch the birds and look at the trees and mountains.

What do you do for laundry

That's something I would have done differently -put in a combo mini washer/dryer under the stairs instead of storage (I do it all by hand now).

Where is the rest of your stuff

I have a few things in plastic bins under my house and in my car. There is room for more storage in the house: there is space for shelving above the toilet, a deep closet at the back of the landing as well as hooks behind the front door. In the corner where I have my laundry hanging, there could be a bookshelf instead. There could also be shelving on the back wall of the kitchen. I chose not to put in these additional storage spaces because I do not need them.

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