Cleaning Products & Air Fresheners for the Chemically Sensitive

These are the cleaning products I have tested and use. After many years of trying different products and DIY recipes these are the products I have settled on.  I have also looked at what the most chemically sensitive folks tolerate and use.

Some of these products I use have affiliate programs. Upon purchase, I earn a small commission through affiliate links at no extra cost to you.

All Purpose Cleaner

You can clean many surfaces with simple and cheap products - Vinegar, or baking soda. Seventh Generation also makes a really good All-Purpose Cleaner. I use their dish soap for most things including wood floors. 

Scouring the Bathtub 

You can use this Tub & Tile Cleaner (it has a fir scent). I use Magic Erasers, which after a tonne of research I felt confident about using. I do this these are safe to use.

The Toilet

To clean the toilet try pouring vinegar or half a cup of lemon juice in the toilet bowl and letting it sit for 30 minutes. You have to clean really often for this to work.

For tougher stains my favourite product is Bon Ami Powder (unscented), or Seventh Generation toilet cleaner which has a fir scent.

Glass & Windows

A 50/50 vinegar and water solution works great. Wipe with newspaper.

Or, even simpler, water and a microfibre cloth! You can get these online.

Polishing Stainless Steel

While lemon can remove hard-water marks, and baking soda with a scrubbing sponge can remove grime, a microfiber cloth will make it look shiny and new!

For the kitchen sink, use olive oil on a soft cloth to buff.

Baked on oil and food stains on a stainless steel kettle or cookie sheet can be removed with a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Let it sit for a while, it will work wonders.

The most liked natural metal cleaner is the one from ECOs. Most of the natural ones don't work but people report back that this one does.

For Marble, Granite and Stone

Seventh Generation Granite and Stone.

Polishing Furniture

For wood furniture that has a bit of a sheen use two parts olive oil and one part lemon juice (spray on and wipe off). For a matte dark wood, like my rocking chair, I tried concentrated black tea (cooled to room temperature). It looked great but left the wood feeling slightly tacky.

Walnuts also worked surprisingly well to remove scratches! (Works on wood floors too). A hair dryer can help to remove rings left by water. Follow with a polish.

Removing Stains & Mould

For stained laminate, clean with a mixture of baking soda and Hydrogen Peroxide. The same thing works really well on stained tile grout, i.e. around the toilet, or to remove mould from grout.

I use the Magic Erasers which are non-toxic as long as you don't digest it. For that reason I don't use them on counter tops.

Dish Soap & Hand Soap

Be sure to use a non-toxic biodegradable brand like Seventh Generation and test for your own sensitivities.

For cleaning large areas of painted walls I would dilute that dish soap. It also works well on wood floors.

Air Fresheners

I'm not a big fan of essential oils for the chemically sensitive. But if you do tolerate them you could use a room spray or diffuser.

If you want to use essential oils and a diffuser (use a water-free one), the most tolerable options are often vanilla, citrus also tends to be on the more tolerable side as well as peppermint.

I've been trying various natural air fresheners: The popular Pinterest post of vanilla, rosemary and lemon (simmered) was OK, not as great as I hoped (grate the lemon rind before adding it to get the lemon scent out). I tried simmering black tea with spices (cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg) as well, which worked, slighly.

If you cannot tolerate those but need to have your house smelling good for an event or home showing you can brew coffee or bake cookies in the oven at that time. For some people, burning sage or sweetgrass maybe pleasant and tolerable.

You may also consider removing odours instead of adding scents. Check out my post on mitigating VOCs to see some strategies to properly remove pet odours and other problematic odours.

Corinne Segura is a Building Biologist with 5 years of experience helping others create healthy homes. I have lived with environmental sensitivities for most of my life.

For individual help on choosing the best products and materials for you and your home you can schedule a consultation with me here.

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inovexenterprises said...

Its is really wonder to here that lemon,vinegar were used for the cleaning purpose.Your blog is useful.Here after i will try to do this type of best and cheap cleaning

Thornhill Louis said...

The use of natural cleaning products is certainly becoming the most preferred cleaning alternative these days. The best natural cleaning products are safe and odorless because they do not have harmful toxins in them.
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Lauren Bootfall said...

These are some really good tips which I might have to try. I have found that odor elimination can be a difficult task but there are some good ways to get the smell gone.

Mohammed Ata Elgammal said...

You can try enzyme cleaners products available in the market. These cleaning products are able to remove stains found on your mattress and it has been proven effective to break down any particles.
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Unknown said...

For cleaning my toilet I always use white vinegar and baking soda. Just let it fizz and sit for about 20 minutes and brush and flush. I have MCS and had to learn how to stay away from toxins fast and keep my home safe before I would get worse and have to live outside where it had just fresh air.

Lindsay Craig said...

How would you suggest to clean solid wood floors that are first finished in a wax then rubio monocoat oil? We've had some continuing construction in our house after having our solid wood floors were installed and now the floors are a wreck. I've vacuumed several times and was wondering if there's a concoction I can make myself to help smooth the surface?

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