About This Blog

This website will guide you through the creation, renovation or redecoration of a chemical-free, VOC-free, mould-free house suitable for the environmentally sensitive.

I look at materials that apply to conventional houses, as well as unconventional homes like earthen houses, cabins and tiny houses. I also look at trailers, campers, RVs and simple or emergency shelters.

This is a living guide - all posts are kept up to date as much as possible. I add new information and update links often.

From the Home Page, you can find each topic listed on the right. This is best viewed in non mobile format.

What information is deemed credible and used to inform this site:

  • Books on healthy home building, materials composition and chemistry (not self published)
  • Building Biology Institute official educational materials
  • Material Safety Data sheets
  • Information from the manufacturers 
  • Environmental organisations eg EWG, Pharos, David Suziki
  • Respected green building sites like Green Building Adviser and 475 
  • Experience: Reactions and tolerance of specific brands gathered from thousands of chemically sensitive folks
  • My own testing to compare offgassing levels of different brands 
  • Luke Skaff, Electrical Engineer, who specialises in electrical and mechanical equipment like HVAC, air filtration and appliances, is a contributor on posts that are technical
  • Carl Grimes, Industrial Hygienist, contributed to the post on mitigating offgassing and cargo trailers
  • Education material from Cheryl Ciecko, Architect who specialises in mould prevention

About Me - My Credentials and Experience

I am a Certified Building Biologist with 5 years of helping folks build healthy homes. For 10 years I have closely followed folks' journeys with extreme mould avoidance and chemical avoidance and how they succeeded, even with extreme limitations.

I build a "chemical-free" tiny house, the research and testing of those materials is what sparked the creation of this blog. I have lived in and owned three custom trailers made for mould and chemical avoidance.

I have built small shelters and tent camped for prolonged periods of time in order to significantly bring down my sensitivities and live inside regular housing again.

Since 2013, when I started mould and chemical avoidance. I have made great strides in my health and now live in regular low toxin and low mould apartment buildings.

How Affiliate Links are Used 

Over the years more companies that I have talked about in the blog have created affiliate programs to link to them, so over time the blog has more links. More and more products are now available on Amazon as well, which is the preferred supplier for many people in the US. I do think in time the smaller companies I mention will also create affiliate programs, so in time more links may become affiliate links.

The blog is research heavy and compared to other blogs and competitors, I make it a priority to provide information first. This means all of the "best of" in a category will be included whether they have an affiliate program or not. 

Non of the posts are sponsored though I do often receive free test samples, I have no contract or obligation to that company to report on the product in a certain way. I will report my findings or leave it out completely if it doesn't fit in with what I think is best.

Geographical Area

The blog focuses on products available in the US and Canada.