About This Blog

This website will guide you through the creation of a chemical-free, VOC-free, mould-free house suitable for the chemically sensitive.

This is a living guide - all posts are kept up to date as much as possible. I add new information and update links often.

Those with MCS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia are adversely affected by indoor air pollution caused by conventional building materials and furniture, and can greatly improve their symptoms by creating a chemical-free environment, or "safe house".

From the Home Page, you can find each aspect of a new build, renovation or redecoration listed on the right, and we will explore the chemical-free options for each one.

I look at materials that apply to conventional, earthen houses, cabins and tiny houses. I also look at trailers, campers, RVs and simple or emergency shelters.

Information from other blogs has been fact-checked. Books, Material Safety Date Sheets, consultants for the chemically sensitive, and environmental organizations have greatly informed my posts.

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