Now Certified as a Building Biologist!

Hi everyone,

I am now certified as a Building Biologist with the International Institute for Building-Biology and Ecology. The Institute's mission is "to help create healthy homes, schools, and workplaces, free of toxins in the indoor air and tap water, and electromagnetic pollutants."

This certification has helped me deepen my knowledge of how we can create homes that will aid in improving the health of their occupants.

I am available for consultations by phone and email and can assist you with the following areas:
  • Choosing zero-VOC materials for a new build or renovation
  • Selecting non-toxic materials best suited to a tiny house
  • Discussing common trouble areas and mistakes made in the build of tiny homes
  • Sourcing special order zero-VOC materials 
  • Remediating a home that is toxic or scented
  • For those wishing to go GreenGuard Gold, selecting conventionally priced materials that are very low in emissions
  • Working with you and your builder by providing ongoing materials selection and sourcing support throughout your build
  • Tips for building a mould-free home
  • Experience with which materials tend to work best for the most sensitive individuals
  • Selecting non-toxic furniture, decor, bedding and other household items for your home
  • Research into the toxicity profile of specific items or materials you are interested in using
  • Choosing the best water filter for your home
  • Buying, customizing or building a less-toxic trailer, camper or RV 
You can also opt for a team approach with a Building Biologist and Engineer to help select the best non-toxic materials that fit the technical needs of your build.

The rate for consultations is $50 per hour. Feel free to email me at corinnesegura[at]


  1. Amazing! Congratulations! You are an amazing resource for those on a quest to create healthy housing.

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  3. Congratulations.
    Do you have a Facebook page?

    1. Yes!

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