Modular Tiny Homes for the Chemically Sensitive

Here are some simple, small modular homes or shelters for the chemically sensitive.

Metal Yurts
The metal yurt from Clean Air Yurts is 18 ft in diameter. The shell is made of galvanized steel coated in zinc. The door is metal as well.

You would need to build a foundation and choose materials for the exterior and interior, provide insulation and wiring and plumbing (if desired). Though you could just leave it as a steel structure. The yurt can be assembled in one day and can be taken down and moved if needed.

The cost of the metal yurt is 10K

Grain Bin Home
These Grain Bin Homes are also 18 inches in diameter and made of galvanized steel. There is room for a loft and it has louvers that can collect rain water if desired. Other options include solar panels. It does not come with options for interior/exterior or foundation, so those would be up to you.

The homes are around 10K but there is a big discount for non-profits who are purchasing them.

SIPs Prefabricated Dome
Eco Built Systems makes these really promising little MgO based modular homes. The walls are SIPs made of MgO, basalt, glass fibers and mineral foam. They claim they give off no VOCs. Because these are prefabricated homes they reduce construction time compared with a tiny home. They claim they cut down on construction time by 40%.

They are being manufactured for distributors now. So you will have to find a distributor to order one. The 20 ft dome is 38K.

Wooden Treehouse
From Out N' About, a company that rents out treehouses, sells plans and parts, this 16' Treezebo Hexagon could be a great non-toxic home.

The plans for the treehouse are $450 and that includes a 3-hour consultation. The metal parts are $2000-2500 and the wood would come to around 5-10k, not including materials for wiring and plumbing.

Arched Cabins
The basic kit for Arched Cabins includes floor plates, ribs, ridge beam, standard insulation R13, Super Span Roof Paneling (metal), trim and fasteners needed to assemble the cabin. This does not include the foundation, installation, interior, end caps, and delivery.

The 12x12 which has room for kitchen and bathroom is $2708. It includes the basic kit plus a fireplace thimble, Super Span Roof Panels color upgrade, and R25 insulation.

This is a simple, mostly metal kit that you could then customise to be chemical-free on the inside. 

Intershelter Domes
These cool domes are easy to transport and assemble and have a lifespan of 30 years.

They are made of a fiberglass composite material which the company says does not emit an odour. Some sensitive people say fibreglass needs some time to offgas and others find it ok fairly soon after production. 

The domes start at  $7,500 for the 14' model.

I've looked into these in detail so contact me for a consultation if you are interested in how to make these non-toxic and for more details and tips. 

Simple Wooden Cabins 

These bare bone wooden cabins are made of solid wood. I see some OSB in the subfloor but that could be avoided. Opt for solid wood for the roofing as well. There is no insulation so they would be difficult to live in in extreme temperatures.  It does not include roofing shingles and roof prepping, stains, railing, foundation and deck or windows. You do your own wiring, plumbing and systems as well.

It is $6500 CAD for a 14 x 14 foot cabin. They  are produced in Canada. 


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